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Life Coaching & Relationship Coaching

Live in harmony with one another... If possible, so far as it depends upon you, live peaceably with all. Romans 12:16-18

Rebuild or Renew Relationships

Build a stronger, more fulfilling & peaceful relationship

Our relationships can affect everything in life.  If your relationships hurt you and you're ready to rebuild & heal, let’s get started! Whether it's your spouse, ex, parent, child (minor or adult) or other loved one, you can build a healthier connection and find greater peace, healing & fulfillment. Develop better communication, understanding, connection & boundaries. There is hope!

Develop Goals & Positive Habits

Achieve your life goals and build productive habits

Break through old patterns that don't get you where you want to be! Refine your goals, remove obstacles and ramp up your motivation to get on the road to attaining your goals with greater clarity, strategies, tools and forward motion. Build a realistic, customized plan of life and get the accountability that you need to get on track and stay on track with positive life goals.

Clarify Spirituality, Identity & Beliefs

Gain Healing and Peace

What you believe about God, life's purpose and yourself drives much of your behavior. When you struggle with the purpose of life and what's true about who you are, then feelings of 'stuck', anger, sadness, guilt or self-sabotage can result. No matter where you are on your life journey, discernment and spiritual direction can lead you to greater healing, peace and freedom.

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Finishing Line

Release Stress, Worry & 'Stuck'

Grow in strength, resiliency & trust

With so many things to stress over today, it's a challenge we face over and over. How to lessen your worry, anxiety and stress level even with life's challenges? Learn perspectives, actions and effective tools to release self-limiting beliefs, stress and worry, then deal more easily with the realities of life. You can live in greater trust and peace, even in this crazy world.

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Shake on It

Business & Career Consulting

Achieve greater success with financial or career goals

Build your own customized career, financial or business plan that includes morale, interpersonal teamwork with staff or coworkers, management success, and defining and implementing solutions effectively.  With sound principles, we develop a clear path to advance your career, financial or business goals. For college students, career shifts, employees, business developers, non-profits, etc.

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