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Life Coaching & Relationship Coaching

Live in harmony with one another... If possible, so far as it depends upon you, live peaceably with all. Romans 12:16-18

Discern Separation or Divorce

Get support with this major life decision

You want your marriage to be happy and peaceful. Lord knows you've tried!
But when it feels like you've tried everything yet things are overwhelming and  you can't take it anymore, careful discernment is vital. 
Separation is a major life decision and you want to get it right.
Should you separate? Is it the right decision?
What about the kids? Have you tried everything possible? How can you be sure?
Get help from a spiritual, emotional and psychological perspective.

 Heal Your Marriage or Other Relationships

Build a stronger, more fulfilling & peaceful relationship

Our relationships can affect everything in life.  If your relationships hurt you and you're ready to rebuild & heal, let’s get started! Whether it's your spouse, ex, parent, child (minor or adult) or other loved one, you can build a healthier connection and find greater peace, healing & fulfillment. Develop better communication, understanding, connection & boundaries. There are many tools that can help restore hope!

Family Dispute

Walk Through Divorce

Receive guidance to have an amicable divorce without regrets

You plan to never divorce, but if that decision is not yours or the marriage can't continue, get support from a Divorce Healing Coach with personal and professional experience to help guide you through the process with the least damage possible to you and your children. There's no need to walk alone!

Heal from Divorce

Whether it's recent or long ago, it's time

How can you heal from the devastating break up of your marriage? How do you think of your identity now? What does this mean for your relationship with God? In this new chapter of life, you can  heal  your worry, loss or grief more quickly with a little help,
to live in greater trust and peace, even in this crazy world.

Wellness Coach
Shake on It

Parenting & Family Relationships

Build more peaceful, effective relationships

Don't suffer with disrespectful kids or painful family relationships. Get equipped with effective, easy to implement tools, tips and a Family Agreements Contract to restore respect and integrity, with young kids or adults. Usually there's a remarkable shift even after one session. Learn to resolve conflict and communication more effectively. Joy!

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