Getting to Know Me

Helping You Heal and Rebuild Relationships

My passion is working with individuals and couples to heal their hearts and rebuild their relationships. Most of my life I’ve been involved in helping others mediate conflict, negotiate agreements and restore joy. My goal is to provide a loving, calming presence that’s safe, to discover effective tools and insights that create healing and restoration. Because I've walked through many years of pain and have been blessed to experience healing and restoration, I bring that deep personal understanding to your life struggles. Walking with you out of your pain is a sacred joy and privilege.

I founded Abounding Joy Ministry and serve as a certified Catholic Relationship Coach, Life Coach and Marriage Mediator with extensive training in Psychology, Theology of the Body, Healing Ministry, Negotiation, Interpersonal Communication and Spiritual Direction.  My work with struggling relationships and hearts, even at the point of despair shows that with God, there is always hope for growth, healing and reconciliation.

Education & Training

 Psychology Degree   UW-Green Bay

Life Coach Certification
      Coach Training Alliance, Fort Collins, CO

• Healing the Whole Person
• Sexual Wholeness
Unveiled Marriage Course
Undone Women’s Conference
I AM Prayer Ministry Leadership Training
      John Paul II Healing & Training Center, Tallahassee, FL

• Negotiation & Conflict Resolution   
      ESSEC Business School   Cergny, France
• Unbound Ministry Leader Training   Heart of the Father, Ardmore, PA
• Head & Heart Immersion Course   Theology of the Body Institute, PA
• Catholic Ethics & Morality   Gannon University, Erie, PA
• Mental Illness in the Family Course  
      National Alliance on Mental Illness, PA

• St. Paul Street Evangelization Training    Archdiocese of Philadelphia, PA
• Crisis Pregnancy Counseling   Mother & Unborn Baby Care, Appleton, WI



Carolyn leads Surviving Divorce and healing groups and serves in Worship, Welcoming, Evangelization, Bereavement Ministry and Christ Renews His Parish at her parish.
Top Living Your Strengths: Developer, Connectedness, Relator, Belief & Empathy
Top Seeking Purpose Charisms: Encouragement, Pastoring, Wisdom, Knowledge & Mercy


Carolyn has a 20 year background in building and mediating relationships along with Catholic product development in Bible studies, apologetics, Theology of the Body, Premarital Preparation, & Divorce Healing. She has authored articles for various Catholic publications and served as a speaker and Retailer Consultant for the Catholic Marketing Network.
In her free time, Carolyn can be found with her friends and adult children, marveling at nature, gardening, cavorting with horses, or playing racquetball.

I invite you to a life of abounding joy!


And the peace of God, which passes all understanding, will keep your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

Philippians 4:7