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Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials

Because of the love I felt.
In my Coaching sessions with Carolyn, I received unconditional positive regard, helpful insights for my parenting issues, and help with forgiveness.
When I first saw Carolyn in her interview with Chris West of the Theology of the Body Institute, I felt drawn to her work and gentle approach. Even though I’m in Australia, after our Free Consultation, I wanted to work with her because of the love I felt, which is unique for me to experience.
Carolyn helped me understand the deeper love that God the Father has for me and provided me with the encouragement I needed to get through some tough moments. I’m glad I chose Carolyn instead of regular counseling (as in the past). I felt comfortable and safe talking with her about my issues through the lens of my faith and being healed and guided by the Holy Spirit.  Xuan N.


I noticed my world was much better than before I met her.

Carolyn is a kind, gentle, and wise soul. Her life experience has filled her with the Holy Spirit. I resonated with her advice and coaching style during my divorce. Her valuable insight aided me as a single father in the healing process and with my 5-year-old. 
She helped me improve my confidence, focus on good choices, and make impactful life decisions for my family with her practical tips and evidence-based strategies. I noticed my world was much better than what it was before I met her.

Carolyn guided me within a Catholic framework, bringing an in-depth understanding of Catholic virtues with materials that I continue to use to this day. She does a great job sharing that in a digestible format for today's world.
I appreciate her coming into my life at the time I needed it most. It was divine intervention. I recommend Carolyn to everyone who needs help. You will have made the right choice.   Leon D.


I am so thankful and rejoice that the Lord brought Carolyn into our marriage. Without her guidance, I truly believe we would be divorced today.
When I met Carolyn Klika, I had filed for divorce, was 2 ½ years into a separation, and 2 months from the divorce being final.  I was brokenhearted and wanted it to be over. We had been through 2 marriage counselors without resolving things and I had given up trying.  

Carolyn was willing to help us potentially reconcile or at least get more peace through the divorce process. With Carolyn’s guidance our reconciliation journey started, which I thought ended months if not years prior. 

With Carolyn’s spiritual guidance and communication mediation, we have not only been able to manage our conflicts in a healthier and more respectful way, but we are finding enjoyment, appreciation, and love in spending time together again.  Carolyn helped us see things from a different perspective and continue to reflect love in our actions and words even when it is difficult. The work she has done with me has brought me to a place of renewed hope and love for the relationship and myself.  One game changer was helping us identify the truth of the situation, and accept responsibility for our part with great compassion and no blaming. She helped us untangle a massive knot of misunderstandings, heal many wounds, and show us how to love and forgive our spouse. Her love for both of us was evident throughout. With her help, we've learned to treat each other in ways God intended.  I am so thankful the Lord brought Carolyn into our marriage. I am eternally grateful. K. H.

New insights, encouragement, and counsel within the framework of authentic Catholic Christianity! 
Carolyn has been a tremendous help to me over the past year by assisting me in the evaluation of relationship decisions, the healing process, and moving forward with balance and peace of mind. 

I have also seen her work with others to provide an emotionally safe environment for discussing difficult life situations and working through them. I have recommended her to friends who are struggling and need help and guidance. Carolyn is gifted with empathy and wisdom—a true blessing in many lives including my own!

Linda G.

Help and Support for Healing

I’m writing to express my gratitude for the life coaching I have received from Carolyn the past year. She has been invaluable to me as I have worked through major life changes and issues.
I felt an immediate connection with her as it became obvious how insightful and compassionate she is in her
concern for the well-being of others. Carolyn truly has a gift for being able to listen, discern, and offer insightful and helpful words of support, encouragement, and advice.  I highly recommend her without hesitation, to anyone seeking support and counsel in facing challenges, obstacles, and issues in their life.  
Tom S.

You are an excellent Life Coach! Your sessions are powerful and so filled with the Holy Spirit!  Pearl M. 
It's a win-win! My husband and I went to Carolyn for mediation at a time both of us were fed up. After the first session, we regained some hope where we had none before. She led us through a process of identifying areas of agreement and helped us resolve issues that we didn't feel safe sharing at home. The amazing thing was that we both got immediate gains! Her way of mediating communication was respectful and caring. I would recommend her to anyone looking to improve their relationship.  Christine S.

I highly recommend Carolyn.
She is awesome excellent and amazing. I give her an A+ and 5 stars!!!!! She is a very kind caring loving person!!! Anyone would benefit from having her as a coach!!!! Keep rocking your beautiful personality for the world and universe to see!!!! We need more coaches like you!!!  
Melody B.

Direction during College. At first, I was hesitant to work with a Life Coach, as I was unsure if I would be able to open up or even know where to start. After meeting  Carolyn, my worries were put to rest. Carolyn is entirely approachable and presents a kind and nurturing environment. She possesses the keen ability to listen carefully and pick up on the smallest of details to help me realize things about myself that I had not already known. Her use of analogies and goal and results-oriented approach have helped me to make impactful decisions and become a more confident person. I highly recommend Carolyn to any fellow or prospective college student as well as anyone in need of accountability, is in the process of making a life-altering decision, or is ready to work through past trauma in order to heal. I am forever grateful for her continued guidance and counsel.  
Emma T. 

You have been a great help to me. You’ve made me put things more in order and think a little differently
about how I approach them. Thanks again for all you’ve done!
Mark C.


Carolyn has a very special gift that I know in my heart is driven by the Holy Spirit, because I know how much humiliation, shame and hurt can come with a couple that has fallen short of this holy sacrament. I was apprehensive about dealing with my divorce, especially as it's not a subject to openly talk about.

I found comfort and help to identify the things I did wrong and things I did right toward the process of healing. 

Carolyn has a gift, the ability to listen and nurture a person and let them know they are still loved after opening up. My quote for her is "You are Blessed to be a Blessing"  Thank you for your continued support and love, and most of all, for making my Catholic Faith Journey fruitful. In His Spirit! Steve K.

Group Lecture

Group Facilitator Testimonials

Carolyn is a rock star as a facilitator. 
I appreciate that Carolyn is so knowledgeable on the Catholic faith and its teachings.  I appreciated that Carolyn could always bring God's word into our discussions and remind us how God is there for us. Her knowledge of scripture was so valuable to me. She helped us to get closer to God, brought her experience as a Coach into our individual situations and offered advice on how to get through this tough time. Carolyn is a strong facilitator. She is calm, focused, and has our spiritual and emotional wellness as a priority.  L.S. 

Our facilitator, Carolyn, has the seemingly natural (though perhaps carefully cultivated over her career) instincts toward patience, active listening, empathy, forgiveness, self-awareness, genuine acceptance, and problem-solving.  It's one thing to have these skills in yourself, but it is another thing entirely to have the ability to model these qualities in such a way as to somehow strengthen these qualities in others, which is exactly what happens when you spend time with Carolyn. Even though I want to be helpful, I could not possibly come up with a usable critique for Carolyn to improve on… she really is that good!  C.V.

Our facilitator, Carolyn Klika, was amazing! On the scale, she is an 11!  From the first day, there was a sense of welcoming into the group without judgment. Everything she did from the opening prayer to making us feel we were in a safe place, and snacks, to the thought-provoking questions and shared personal experiences. I can’t say enough about how wonderful an environment was presented. The thought of going to a divorce ministry almost felt like I would be shamed or judged and that was never the case.  My opinions were respected and listened to.  S.S.

Carolyn is a gentle healer who listens thoughtfully and works with a servant's heart and abounding knowledge to help ease deep wounds and guide toward His love and redemption. She is a unique and giving person in these trying times. Carolyn is very knowledgeable - both on the Catholic faith and on human psychology. I was comforted by the course content and what Carolyn was able to add because she is so knowledgeable. We are blessed to have her lead the group.  She was always such a calming presence and gave a different perspective to all of the discussions. Carolyn is a wonderful facilitator. I absolutely recommend her.   L.T.


Carolyn has a kind and gentle approach and is non-condemning, empathetic, relatable, sincere, and understanding as she has walked through the process. The class was not scary, threatening, or condemning but helped us come to terms with where we are in the process.  It helped us to see that God is still with us in the situation. I felt welcomed and never judged, we were encouraged and found a confidential and safe place to share. We were lifted in prayer throughout the course and beyond.   C.W.

Carolyn did an amazing job of facilitating the group. She always allowed each person time to talk, without interrupting. She provided affirmation of each person's contribution to the discussion. She was the queen of hospitality! Beautiful spirituality was incorporated throughout, as if she is listening to God at that moment.  K.H.

The Holy Spirit works through Carolyn. I watched her meet everyone where they were and help them grow in the direction they needed to. Carolyn is an amazing group leader! I am blessed to call her friend.   M.S.

What was my favorite thing about the program? It was our leader, Carolyn being so well-versed on the subject. Her guidance was very helpful.   M.B.

Thank you, Carolyn, for saying yes to leading this group and giving us your love, lessons, wisdom, and hope.  M.N.

Carolyn was great. She was very in touch with the whole group and very relaxed and low-key to get participation. I could tell everyone really enjoyed Carolyn. She was on target and very well prepared. We got a lot out of the group.   K.K.

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