Abounding Joy Audio Resources

These 2 minute Abounding Joy audios featured on Carolina Catholic Radio Network offer insights on various topics to help build and strengthen relationships with God, others and ourselves.

What other topics would you like to see featured in the future? We would love to hear what you find helpful. Contact us with your comments or questions,

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Audio 1 Carolyn KlikaSpeaking the Truth in Love
00:00 / 02:02
Audio 2 Carolyn KlikaHow to Ask Others to Change a Behavior
00:00 / 02:00
Audio 3 Carolyn KlikaHow to Make Amends in a Christ-like Way
00:00 / 02:04
Audio 4 Carolyn KlikaDefending Ourselves with Charity vs. Being Defensive
00:00 / 01:59
Audio 5 Carolyn KlikaTips to Protect Ourselves When Being Hurt 1-6
00:00 / 02:03
Audio 6 Carolyn KlikaTips to Protect Ourselves When Being Hurt 7-12
00:00 / 01:59