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Abounding Joy

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Trust in Him: Releasing Worry & Anxiety Workshop Retreat

In these troubling times with health, financial and interpersonal issues, along with the troubling nightly news, it's harder than ever to avoid worry, fear & anxiety.

Our world doesn't offer us stability and security, but we know who does!
Our Lord calls us to develop a deep, abiding trust in Him. As we trust Him, He offers us peace amid the swirl of uncertainty and trials, especially in this upside-down world.

The focus of Trust in Him is to identify and release our fears and worries to the Lord and draw closer to Him in deeper reliance and trust. This event offers you a safe, peaceful time to connect more deeply with Christ and lay your cares at His feet. 

  • What worries and fears are you carrying in your heart?

  • Can you really trust God when trials loom?       

  • What does God have to say to you about the worries you carry, through Scripture, the Saints and directly to your heart? 

  • How can you overcome the obstacles in your life that lead you to worry?

If you'd like the answers to these questions, then Trust in Him is for you.

Healing hearts

Gather your
friends or group!
Schedule a
Workshop Retreat at your parish or home!

Bring Trust in Him to your parish, organization or home

Choose from 3 event options for your group as you consider:

  • The length of time your group has available

  • The availability of your venue

  • The depth of the experience you are seeking for your group.

Contact us for additional information or to book an event.
We provide workbook and program materials for each participant.

      Covid safety protocols are followed. Event maximum attendance based on safe spacing.

Audience Clapping

3 Hour Workshop

Weeknight, 6pm - 9pm

Offers an engaging introductory experience with the opportunity to go deeper on your own or attend a longer event..

TIH Event 1
Students and Teacher in Classroom

6 Hour Mini Retreat

Saturday or Sunday, 1pm - 7pm

Presents a longer and deeper experience with time to begin to process, reflect and release worry.

TIH Event 2
Clapping Audience

Weekend Retreat

Can be customized to include Mass, Adoration or Confession, if available.
A personal, restorative, in-depth experience with the Lord to learn, reflect, heal and release your worries.

TIH Event 3

Cast all your anxieties on him, for he cares about you. 1 Peter 5:7

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