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Trusted Relationship & Divorce Healing Coach

You will show me the path to life, abounding joy in your presence. Psalm 16:11

Abounding Joy Life Coaching

Are you navigating through the pain of anger, resentment, conflict, anxiety, or fear in your relationships, making life more challenging than you ever imagined? Discover a path to healing and support.

We all need love and understanding, but relationships can be hurtful or confusing.

You are a beloved son or daughter of the Father with immense dignity and worth.
You don’t need to live ‘stuck’ with pain from anger, resentment, abandonment, or fear.
You deserve freedom in greater love, forgiveness, and healing.

Beyond standard counseling, my unique approach blends Life Coaching, Conflict
Resolution/Mediation, Relationship & Communication Coaching, and Spiritual Direction 
into a potent healing process. Whether single, married, or divorced, discover the freedom God desires for you.


What you can expect on your path to healing and freedom

  • Less pain and more hope

  • Calm, gentle, and loving demeanor

  • Active listening to your words and your heart

  • Identifying and breaking through your obstacles

  • Progress in achieving your next steps to move ahead

  • Help to develop a closer relationship with Christ

  • Prayer support and encouragement

  • A caring, safe, and warm reception always

Unlock your potential for healing and growth. Get in touch today for personalized solutions tailored to your unique needs.

Carolyn Klika, Divorce Healing Coach

Carolyn Klika,
Catholic Divorce Coach

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